9 Hot Real Estate Website Design Trends You Should Adopt

The web design industry has a reputation for being faced paced where big trends come and go. However, most of the web design trends that have been rising in the last several years are still as popular while new trends are still emerging.

If you are in the real estate industry, you probably understand the importance of good web design. In the real estate industry, a website is where you showcase your listings and the first point of contact between visitors and your business. It is, therefore, important to implement good web design from https://gggmarketing.com/miami/web-design/.

Here are nine real estate website design trends that you should consider adopting:

1. Full-Screen Video Backgrounds

Ambient and full-screen video background is a popular website design trend that has been capturing the attention of designers all over the Internet. The full-screen videos that only feature minimal content overlaid on top offer a rich user experience.

Videos offer your visitors an instant impression of your business, capturing their attention and draws them deeper into your website to discover more. Your website will also keep feeling fresh as you change the video each season.

2. The Dominance of Flat Web Design

The flat design has continually gained momentum since back in 2014. The focus of flat design is typography as well as presenting content in a compelling yet simple way. Flat design is modern, clean, and showcases just an essential elements of your website. In the absence of extensive depth, the flat design uses relatively simplistic color schemes or sometimes even vibrant.

Flat design uses crisp font styles. Flat icons are growing regarding popularity, and they are likely to stay for a while since even big brands such as Apple and Microsoft have adopted it in their mobile devices. The great thing about flat design is that it is content-focused, clutter free, and minimalist.

3. Typography Takes Center Stage

When it comes to web design and especially in the real estate industry, typography is often overlooked. Your choice of font for your website determines the relevance and readability of content as a whole. Large images and bold typography have the ability to transform your real estate website into an art piece.

Responsive typography is an effective strategy for allowing users to read text with incredible clarity regardless of device. Strategically positioned and well-placed typography has the power to create a higher contrast ratio, which makes it easier for visitors to read and process. Typography sets the mood of your website and either detract from or add to the credibility of your website.

4. Scrolling Vs. Clicking

Different scroll iterations are growing increasingly popular and have almost overtaken clicking through page after page of content. The single-page scrolling websites are more intuitive than the multi-page clicking websites. Users love scrolling since they are already used to doing it on social media platforms and mobile devices.

Scrolling makes it possible to have more dynamic interactions. It is a noncommittal action and faster than clicking. The trend gets more interesting once storytelling is introduced since it allows for more creativity. With many websites experimenting with parallax designing, you can be sure of more long-scrolling websites moving forward.

5. The Growth of Mobile

In 2014, responsive design emerged as a trend, and it has continued to this day. However, many real estate portals and brokers are choosing to give mobile users unique experiences. Mobile and desktop usage is arguably quite different. 2014 was the year when mobile users surpassed desktop users when it came to Internet access.

Real estate websites need to implement mobile-friendly web design that moves beyond responsive design and creates a better user experience overall for mobile users. In 2014, mobile responsiveness did not feature as a ranking factor but now things are very different and it counts to a great extent. If you don’t implement a portable design for the sake of your mobile users at least do it for the better rankings.

6. Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are an attractive and minimalist way to style buttons that usually feature some special effect hover animation. They are great for capturing the attention of users. Ghost buttons have gained in popularity especially among designers and have that minimalist feel, which works great for the flat deign that has also become quite popular. Ghost buttons have an elegant look and offer an unmatched attraction to the Call-To-Actions (CTAs) present on your website.

7. Hidden Menus

Hidden menus are growing increasingly popular for real estate websites. Here, the navigation menus are hidden off-screen until users interact with elements towards the top of the screen. Hidden menus make it possible for you to keep your clean design focused on some of the most critical elements of your website until users decide to interact with the navigation menus.

8. Bigger, Better Images

Typography is not the only thing that’s getting bigger since images are too. Limited bandwidth would impose limitations on images but this no longer much of a problem since the improvement of Internet connections now allows for more data transfer per second, which allows for the faster loading of images. Big, beautiful, vibrant images get the attention, and as a result, they have taken the Internet by storm.

9. Images and Videos Replacing Text

People always prefer watching to reading especially considering that they have short attention spans. First impressions matter and images and videos have a quick but efficient way of making the first impression that text is not capable of.

Integrating videos and pictures on your website and getting rid of a lot of text is a simple way to grab the attention of your visitors and tell your story more efficiently and quickly. Images and videos also make a lasting impression and help to explain complex topics that can take more work and time with text.

The Bottom Line

Website design can either make or break your real estate website. If you like moving with the most current web design trends, you should consider implementing the design trends discussed here. If you are unable to do it on your own, you should hire a competent and experienced web designer. You should also not forget to optimize your website properly regarding SEO for the best results.